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ATF 220G-5 EM4

This crane has many new features including a new driver’s cab.

The ATF 220G-5 has undergone detailed updating in line with the transition to Euromot 4/ EPA Tier 4f: above all the modern driver’s cab, which gives all of the five-axle models within the TADANO All-Terrain range a new look. In addition, you can look forward to a host of new features and maximum comfort. Enhanced visibility through the window of the driver’s cab door makes turning left safer; ergonomic quality seats made by Recaro provide especially high long-term seating comfort and the multifunction touchscreen – the same as in the crane cab – are just a few highlights which distinguish the new driver’s cab.

Another highlight is the new Asymmetrical Outrigger Base Control feature which helps to enhance the ATF 220G-5’s lifting capacities when the outriggers differ in length. In this process, the length of all four outriggers is determined via length sensors automatically and the position of the superstructure is ascertained via the angle of rotation. Subsequently, both figures are communicated to the crane control system which releases the maximum possible lifting capacities for each single outrigger sector separately, which really is a special feature.

Are you interested in the further improvements on the ATF 220G-5, such as the new Mercedes-Benz engines and the new-generation disc brakes? We are looking forward to receiving your call.


Technical data

Max. Lifting Capacity 220 t
Boom 13.2 m – 68 m
Boom extension 5.8 m – 36 m
Boom extension HTLJ 10.35 m – 22.75 m
(hydraulically telescopable and offset 5° to 60°)
Max. Sheave height 107.5 m
Max. radius 84 m
Engine Mercedes Benz (Euromot IV, EPA Tier 4f)
carrier: 390 kW (530 HP) / superstructure: 145 kW (197 HP)
Gearing mechanism ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 2531
Gear 10 x 8 x 10 (10 x 6 x 10 option)
Dimensions Length: 15.1 m
Width: 3 m
Height: 3.99 m

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