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ATF 600G-8 EM4

600 Tons. 8 Axles. No Boom Suspension.

You have to question the status quo to reach new solutions. And that is exactly what TADANO has done. We’ve developed a revolutionary boom system for our new ATF 600G-8: the Triple-Boom System. Its very high stiffness means you don’t need a boom suspension system at all.

The new large All-Terrain crane is the result of an extensive development project. Your needs and wishes as a crane owner were our guiding principles of this project. Because transporting a separate boom suspension system becomes unnecessary with the new Triple-Boom System, your logistics are simplified. Overall operating time is reduced because there is no need to rig up a boom suspension system. And the smaller tail swing radius means you can operate in tighter sites. All of these advantages considerably increase the efficiency of your investment.

The development and testing phase of the new ATF 600G-8 is almost completed. For a more detailed information on delivery time etc., please contact your responsible TADANO contact. For more insights into the TADANO world novelty, please also go to


Technical data

Max. Lifting Capacity 600 t
Boom 15,3 m – 56 m
Boom extension 11.45 m – 94.1 m
Max. Sheave height 147 m
Max. radius 104 m
Engine Mercedes Benz (Euromot IV, EPA Tier 4f)
carrier: 460 kW (626 HP) / superstructure: 260 kW (354 HP)
Gearing mechanism ZF-TC-Tronic 12 TC 3041
Gear 16 x 8 x 16
Dimensions Length: 21.75 m
Width: 3 m
Height: 3.93 m

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