Tadano UK Customer Service
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Tadano UK Customer Service

As the UK sole distributor of Tadano Faun and experts in our field we offer our customers a 24-hour support team to handle all customer support whatever or wherever the problem may be. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and brilliant work ethic.

Our Customer Service team will be pleased to assist you at any time with any technical questions you might have – whether they are small or major issues. Our technicians are highly trained and readily accessible by phone.  Our team are up to date on all aspects of our crane issues and other problems you may have, and will answer your questions directly on the phone, if possible.

If we cannot solve your problem directly on the phone, our world-wide service network of Customer Service technicians makes sure that you will find local, competent help quickly, if required. We are always available outside of the usual working hours, so rest assured there is always help at hand.

Call us on +44 (0) 870 066 5466 or complete our enquiry form…..enquire now